Welcoming 2010

Welcoming 2010

Welcoming 2010

This has been after months that Iam writing an entry in my blog, people might have been thinking that if I am dead or what happened to me that after being extraordinarily active in first few quarters of 2009 what suddenly happened to this blog.

To all those who know me and have made some assumptions by now –

You all are wrong because –

1. No I was not ultra busy @ Globussoft cooking up code or marketing my company online , or generating leads for my business (as a lot of my friends were thinking) , Just so that you know I used to do the same amount of work earlier when I used to regularly update this blog as well, so being ultra busy is definitively not the reason.

2. I lost interest in “whats latest in technology” and hence I had nothing to write ? Lol, If you really know me, Can this ever happen in my life until Iam dead ?? ha ha, not a good reason again.

3. Probably I tried to follow path of the latest emerging trend of bloggers blogging shit everywhere who even don’t know what they are writing about and now since I feel enough is enough lets gets back to business and leave this shitty blogging business . It was just a trend in time, since every one in my (community, business, peer-group has his blog , I should also have a blog and write some shit in it and read it multifarious time and giggle lol.

For all those who thought this, probably a lot of my competitors, its a real shame that you failed to estimate my flair for writing mates…

Keep looking there is lot more to come…

PS: Some one whom I Admire a lot said that I sound rude and bold in this post 🙂

Yeah , she is partly correct since I forgot to add the fun element….

So friends what was something which stopped me from writing all these months other than the most obvious reasons which you might have been thinking.

Well you will laugh to death once I tell you. It was my BAD ASS – WEB HOSTER

Yeah I was using the services some some bad ass indian hosting company called as pradiphosting, he is some bong from west bengal and is such a bad ass. There is no way you can reach him, no phone calls, no address nothing. Only way I can contact him was email and Iam on his mercy whenever he feels like he can answer me , there was no professionalism as such , most of the times my blog was down, sometimes it went down while I was composing a new post.

All this made me so much frustrated that I gave up writing up new posts and start waiting when will this hosting cycle end and I will shift my blog to some new host with better service and timely support.

Now the fun part starts here –

I waited for almost almost 5 months for the billing period of pradiphosting to end without being wise enough to transfer my domain to a different provider.

After 5 months when my hosting expired,I was bombed. I had no way to get my blog back 🙁

I sent tons to mails to this pradip hosting guy but he never responded.

Such a big fool Iam, I was made to pay the renewal fees again to pradiphosting and also to the new hoster where I wanted to move the blog.

So I paid double the hosting fees just to save my love, Technomlounge 🙂 Anything for you my love!

So finally I could login to my cpanel, take backup of everything and move my domain to a new control panel.

Currently my blog resides on one of India’s best hoster’s servers, call me if you want to know and Iam a damn happy customer 🙂