Welcome to the cattle class!

Recently one of my so called friends called me up to say, “hi!”. This is what he said to me – “hey Sumit, what are you doing man?”

I replied nothing much yaar, just started off with my own venture. He replied on the other end, common man I joined Accenture and got a package of 7.2 lakhs.

I replied, “Great welcome to the cattle class!”

Well no offense to any one here, this was just for those who think its a very big deal joining Accenture, Infosys, TCS or any Indian IT services company for that matter and working with them like cattle class people with no imagination or brain.

Nothing to innovate, nothing to dream, nothing challenging to work on but listen to Hippocratic managers who themselves know nothing about what they are talking or doing.- I speak by personal experience here.

So if you think you did a great job then YES you did a great job joining the cattle class of companies who turn you into an Autobot with zero imagination and innovation power.

And don’t try ever to compare yourself to an Entrepreneur who by the way could have done the same job serving the cattle class but chose to do something different.

To be read by all cattle class junta doing the Indian IT shit out there 🙂

There still time, leave them and do something on your own 🙂