Tryst with Zend Framework 2.0


Tryst with Zend Framework 2.0

After around an year am again writing production code for a large project. In this past entire year 2011 I would write code snippets just for fun and keep myself updated, but never actually got the chance to code something which will be actually used in production environment. Its a great feeling to get my hands dirty again.

This project is a social gifting platform – redefined. I am planning to code in Zend Framework 2.0 which the latest in the Zend Framework series.

I am planning to document everything , including my learnings on Zend framework 2.0.

Googling around I found some good resources already.

So the first thing ZF2 has done is implemented namespaces which is a feature of PHP 5.3, Which is by far an excellent move.

Naming conventions have changed a bit.

New Features like forced auto-loading etc have been introduced.

There are couple of other additions and changes as well.

You can read them here –