The Orbit Theory – Smash your Competitor Who Steals your Idea.


The Orbit Theory – Smash your Competitor Who Steals your Idea.

Hey Guys,

So here I am, writing my next blog post after a hectic month full of work and some Diwali fun as well in between. The work was: setting up a new office in Mumbai and realizing my goal of making our entry in the city of dreams and the joy of achieving this great feat.

Well this post is not to boast about anything, however we all are very optimistic these achievements shall be a part of our regular lives from now on. I have learned in my life that hard work always pays, if not early then late, but never goes waste.

So coming to the topic of the post.. many of you might already know and for those who don’t know – I am a big fan of Dhirubhai Ambani and I have read a lot about him. In fact I try to copy his ways and methods in real life and I feel though times have changed how practical they still are and how well they fit in today’s fast paced digital economy as well. Such was the might of thought of that great man. Hats off to him.

So this Orbit theory which I am talking about was actually formulated by Mr. Ambani and he diligently followed it all his lifetime to make what Reliance is today.

To start with, this theory is about setting right expectations, thinking ahead of time, having a great vision & foresight along with the willingness to give your sweat and blood to achieve that vision.

Cut to the chase, its a great way which he used to bull shit his competitors and rivals in their own businesses and left them clueless thinking what do to next.

His orbit theory applied to all his competitors who were just mere copy cats and who tried to simply emulate Ambani without any innovation and failed at end of the day. See where Bombay Dyeing is and where Reliance Industries is today.

This by the way holds true from some real life examples that we have – the first person who innovates leads the league. Microsoft created the software Industry and ruled it for ages, still rules it :). Apple created iPhone and rules the smart phone market. IBM created mainframes and is still unchallenged in that market. Reliance is the largest corporate house in India and will be for ages to come since Ambani created Equity Cult in India.

So, it boils down to the fact that when a competitor tries to imitate you or your business model(me being an entrepreneur), always make sure you change the orbit as soon as you can and beat them at their own game.

I am not going to give you a detailed story on what I do to leave my competitors behind, but I would just say that I constantly keep changing my orbits, even before ‘they’ can copy my previous idea 😉

Life is all about doing cool things, and I strongly believe that to stay ahead you need to think unique and keep innovating.

Keep changing your Orbit!