Techfest 2009 – A Place to be!


Techfest 2009 – A Place to be!

Yesterday, after weeks of long wait, Me and Mohit finally got a chance to visit Techfest. For people from IT industry Techfest is a common phenomenon, but for others , you can find more information here.

I didn’t get a chance to see a lot of things since we were there for only some hours. But we visited the infamous bridge building competetion and  some demonstrations in SOM Foyer.

There were many sponsors as usual, but one of them DirectI really drew my attention. They had the maximum buzz in their stall. They were asking some programming questions to students and students were very eager to answer those and win some cool T-shirts.

No wonder I won 2 T shirts and Mohit won one.

Finally as a memorabilia , we bought the Techfest T-Shirt and left for home.