Poker Progamming – Step One


Ok so you want so create a Multiplayer poker game, thats why you are here. Writing a rock solid poker game application has been my keen interest over past 2 years. After seeing so much demand of online multi-player poker rooms, I really wished Globussoft should enter the online gaming market one day.

The first step to develop an Online Massive Multiplayer game is to choose a right technology stack. Iam aware of numerous projects which get doomed the day they get started due to choosing of wrong technology stack. Citing an example, in my previous company my bosses chose VC++ to code a complete client server game , the lacunae being that no body in the entire team knew abc of VC++. Our team got a time span of 45 days to learn a language like VC++, master it and roll out a game like Texas Holdem in a matter of 45 days.

I guess you already by now know what the end result was, the project got scraped by the client, the team was not even able to make a single demo to him.

Iam not bragging on our skill-sets here, but simply stating that if you want to roll out something usable and good , set achievable targets and use a technology stack which you feel will take you to the final end product.

Read the successive articles in this series to know how I researched and then finally decided on which framework we should build this game to make it world’s most successful poker application.