The Rise and Rise of Open Source Speeding Technology Innovation In 2016


The Rise and Rise of Open Source Speeding Technology Innovation In 2016

Today open source is unambiguously the major locomotive of innovation; it may be the power technology like operating systems, big data, cloud or IoT, or fueling the novel generation of open source companies providing solutions to the social media market. Its value in dipping cost, in unlocking core developers to work on advanced tasks, quickening timely market is irrefutable. They merely placed open source is the approach applications are developed nowadays.

What is Open Source Software?


Open source software is simple software, where source code is assessable for enhancement or modification by anyone.

What can Open Source do for You?


More than 70 percent of entrepreneurs are moving to open source technology because they need control and flexibility and also cost saving is the other biggest reason which can be achieved easily by using open source software. It offers liberty to copy, improve, run, change, distribute, study the software with ease.

Open Source Today

Over the past years, open source technology has emanated as a major power in our entire information-driven technology. Use of Open source software in social media endeavors dramatically changed the course of social media platforms. And now we have an array of open source social media management tools that assist marketers to effectively engage their social media campaigns.

Most of the companies leverage the intense rise in open source technology to their own benefits. Enterprises extending their wing to open source because of the cost benefits and also the flexibility offered on proprietary software.

Future of Open Source in 2016

The imminent of open source is surely full of possibilities because it is touching new economics, new technologies, new people. According to the recent survey of black duck and Northbridge, 90% defendants concluded open sources enhances interoperability, efficiency, and innovation.

future of open source-survey

As per the survey results declared open source as present dominant design, companies using open source today in applications such as cloud computing, big data, databases, and operating systems. The use of open source software by companies gradually increased to 65% and the reason behind the growth is an ability to fix and customize the software, competitive features, and quality of solutions.

Open Source Reaching to Maximum Heights –


  • 78% of defendants assuming all its operations using open source software and 66% of companies generating software which are built on OSS.
  • More than 64% of companies are presently joined their hands in open source projects and this survey stated that nearly 88% of companies are going to extend their wings to open source projects in next 3- 4 years.
  • One in every 3 companies dedicated their full-time resources to the open source projects.
  • Moreover, 59% of companies involved in open source in order to gain the extreme competitive edge.
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  • 65% leverage OSS in order to speed application development.
  • 55% leverage open source for the purpose of production infrastructure.

Open source has since a long time ago demonstrated its legitimacy, and also the use of the OSS has altered the approach the companies compete now. It’s very easy for the companies to advance innovation and create new software by using open source technology. And companies realized the vital significance of OSS and recognized the progressive and rapid development OSS enables. As technologies and industries keep on evolving at a quicker pace, all the closed source organizations will be dead in the water on the off chance that they aren’t utilizing the open source group and the projects they’re taking a shot at.

Moreover, the above survey indicates the future of OSS and prodigious to become the enterprises most preferred kind of software. It’s a good sign that businesses have lastly realized the worth of open source development.