Open Source Solutions for the SMB Market.


Open Source Solutions for the SMB Market.

Recently I got a client(from Small Business Segment), here in Mumbai, who wanted to implement Office Automation, ERP , Employee Management,I.T. and Operations Management completely on Open Source. We had a formal meeting to discuss the stuff out. Since I have been quite proficient with Open Source technologies and projects for last few years and I have literally fallen in love with them, I suggested him some immediate solutions for his day to day tasks and activities.

Finally after the meeting , he asked me to prepare a proposal for the same. So I sat out to write a proposal , I did some research , evaluated some more applications and tools and based out of what I got as results , I came up with my proposal.

The proposal can be viewed here.

Many of you who are not aware who are not involved with the cost of IT implementations will be shocked to know that I saved my client a sum total of $100,000 on by this implementation.

Yep , theĀ  $$$$$ count is $100,000 when you take into account propiretory software from vendors like Microsoft,IBM etc.

After doing this proposal and all the calculations involved in it only one thing came to my mindĀ  – Long live open source and Long live all those Open Source coders in the community.

Today, I take a pledge and request all you readers of my blog to do the same, to donate atleast 5% of what you earn from using Open Source applications to those project teams. Doing this will really motivate those programmers who burn their midnight lamps coding high softwares for us for free. This way we will encourage them to keep up their great work and also save ourselves from paying for over priced softwares.