Movie Review – Slumdog Millionaire


Movie Review – Slumdog Millionaire

Lately I got some time to watch the movie Slumdog Millionaire at home on my laptop. It was late at night and I was a bit bored with my whole days’ work. Suddenly prateek came in and one of his friends had the movie in his pendrive. I had heard about the movie before and literally wanted to watch it. I took his pendrive , copied the movie on my lap and started watching it –

The movie is about a 18 year old slum dweller Jamal Khan (Dev Patel) from mumbai, who also works as a chai wala in a call center. The story is brilliantly woven across his entire life, starting from his childhood when he and his elder brother have to leave home after a riot kills their mother , his falling in love with childwood sweetheart Latika , losing her in between and again getting her back.

The movie starts with Jamal Malik in lockup with a hawaldaar who slaps him thinking that he has cheated to win the game show. He lands up himself to the game show Kaun Banega Crorepati, which is the Indian version of Who wants to be a Millionaire and is hosted by Anil Kapoor. He has made it to the final question , but is accused of cheating by the host.

The story starts quite interestingly with his 3rd degree police torture in a lockup by Srinivas.(played by Sourabh Shukla).Those who used to watch Tehkikaat will remember him as GOPI Takla. In the lockups he is questioned by police COP , played by Irfan Khan, another noted bollywood actor.

The interrogation leads him to go for flash back to his life. He tells the inspector how he and his brother grew up and how each instance in his life gave him keys to the answers in the game show. Its starts with the first question about Amitabh Bachaan and he goes to a flash back where as a kid, he used to play cricket at the airport grounds, and ran to life from the policemen chasing him.And that he has to dive to a pool of human excreta to take autograph from Amitabh Bacchan who happened to visit their slum one day.

He has to run away from his slum for the anti muslim riots which killed his mother, it was here that he saw a child pianted in all blue who imitated lord Rama and he rememered the answer to the second question in the show.

He , his brother Salim and Latika whom they met in the riots, both dwelled together in trash heaps , collecting trash. One fine day, Living on the trash heaps, they are discovered by Maman, a gangster who runs an orphanage and then uses the children to beg and bring in money. Salim is groomed to become a part of Maman’s operation, he used to act a sub master to one of Maman’s men,later he is tasked to bring Jamal so he can be blinded to improve his income potential as a blind singer. Salim rebels against Maman to protect his brother, and the three children try to escape, but only Salim and Jamal are successful. Latika is re-captured by Maman’s organization and raised as a culturally talented prostitute whose virginity will fetch a high price.

The brothers eke out a living, traveling on top of trains, selling goods, pretending to be tour guides at the Taj Mahal, and pickpocketing. Jamal eventually insists that they return to Mumbai since he wishes to locate Latika. When he finds her working as a dancer in a brothel, the brothers attempt to rescue her, but Maman intrudes, and in the resulting conflict Salim draws a gun and kills Maman. Salim then uses the fact that he killed Maman to obtain a job with Javed, a rival crime lord. Salim claims Latika as his own, and when Jamal protests, Salim threatens to kill him and Latika intervenes, accepting her fate with Salim.

Years later, Jamal is working as an assistant in a call center, serving tea to the employees. When he is asked to cover for a co-worker for a couple of minutes, he searches the database for Salim and Latika. He gets in touch with Salim, who has become a high-ranking lieutenant in Javed’s organization. Salim invites Jamal to live with him and, after following Salim to Javed’s house, he sees Latika (played by Freida Pinto) living there. He talks his way in as the new dishwasher and tries to convince Latika to leave. She rebukes his advances, but he promises to be at the train station every day at 5 p.m. One day Latika attempts to rendezvous with him, but is recaptured by Javed’s men and Salim. One slashes her cheek with a knife, scarring her.

Jamal again loses contact with Latika when Javed moves to another home. In another attempt to find Latika, Jamal tries out for the game show because he knows that she will be watching. He makes it to the final question, despite the hostile attitude of the host who feeds Jamal an incorrect answer during a break. At the end of the episode’s taping, Jamal has one question left to win 20 million rupees and is taken into police custody, where he is tortured as the police attempt to learn how Jamal, a simple slumdog, could know the answers to so many questions. After Jamal tells his whole story, explaining how his life experiences coincidentally enabled him to know the answer to each question, the police inspector calls his explanation “bizarrely plausible” and allows Jamal to return to the show for the final question. At Javed’s safehouse, Latika watches the news coverage of Jamal’s miraculous run on the show. Salim gives Latika the keys to his car and his phone and urges her to run away. When Jamal uses his Phone-A-Friend lifeline to call Salim, Latika answers his phone and they reconnect. She does not know the answer to the final question either, but believing that “it is written”, Jamal guesses the correct answer (Aramis) to the question of the one Musketeer whose name they never learned, and wins the grand prize. Simultaneously, Salim is discovered to have helped Latika escape and allows himself to be killed in a bathtub full of money after shooting and killing Javed.

Later that night, Jamal and Latika meet at the train station, and finally share a kiss. The closing credits then play with a Bollywood-style musical number.


I like the way Boyle(the Director), has depicted Jamal’s life. The way that his becoming  a millionaire was wriiten by God for Jamal. The way Anil Kapoor