Case Study: 3 Mistakes Made By Brands That Slay Their Social Media Marketing


Case Study: 3 Mistakes Made By Brands That Slay Their Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has been adopted by all brands. Everybody needs to bounce onto the movement of making their business presence. Social media marketing is considered to be the extremely rewarding strategy for brands, but it  could also turn into an explosive one. A post if placed perfectly, then  could go viral and bring thousands of new followers to your brand, on the other hand, an awful post, or one which has breaks in comprehension or netiquette, could immediately twist your most faithful followers and abandon you for a struggle.

Social media posts are frequently launched onto the digital world before they’ve gone over any kind of approval method. As a result you can’t predict the consequences, sometimes the consequences can vary from slightly embarrassing, to the absolute offensive as well.

Luckily, few faults are fit for tossing your campaign into disarray. Some of the ruinous mistakes made by brands that has hampered their potential growth and image will be discussed below:

Case Studies:



Humans are not always perfect. Here, is the best example of it. American Apparel is a clothing company, posted an image on their Tumblr that they assumed was an amazing image of fireworks. The image is cool on an appealing level, but not on a circumstantial level. The image was not of any festive fireworks rather it has a tragic story behind it and extremely inappropriate. The image was the accidents of the space shuttle hazard that slew seven individual in the year 1986. The posts present a shock and surprise to their followers after which they give out an apology by blaming the image depending upon what it signified.

Caution: There are numerous companies who have done things like this just to go viral. But, it leads to serious consequences. It is alluring to take the help of Google search image and extract the initial image that is required by you. The point to remember is, you should know the real context behind it otherwise you could face catastrophic results. You can visit the site of that image in order to get a clear idea about it.

2] BBC Journalist Kills Queen Elizabeth On Twitter:


A tweet has been posted by one BBC journalist kills queen Elizabeth.

The journal clearly trusted a BBC practice for the lady’s passing was the genuine thing. Part of the practice circumstantially happened at a hospital that the queen was going by for a yearly check-up. The journalist, understanding her mistake, erased the tweet and launched a “false alarm.” She additionally guaranteed the fault was the consequence of a “silly prank.”

The BBC later says sorry for the tweet, stating: “Amid a technical practice for a tribute, tweets were incorrectly sent from the BBC journalist account. The tweets were quickly erased and we apologize for this offense.”

Caution: It’s important that you practice these complex scenarios privately. This happening could have been avoided if the journalist hadn’t posted it from her own Twitter account. The account of the BBC’s official need to be properly managed to prevent such offense and gaffes. For this, one may use social media marketing tool.

3] Epicurious:


Most companies have done this Epicurious is a scone solution company who tries to offer a whole-hearted message to individual who have agonized from some kind of sufferings. But, in this regard, the company tries to take advantage of that discussed catastrophe for driving their products.

Epicurious stupidly tweet after the Boston Marathon blast: “Boston, our hearts is with you. Here’s a bowl of breakfast energy we could all use to start today.”

Uh… What’s’ that?

Caution: You can’t say anything contrary about a catastrophic event. You can post any of your company messages, but don’t merge it with any sad event only for the commenting and prove yourself how concerned you’re. It could be turned out to be generic and cruel.


In common, the achievement of a social media tactic has much to do with the intrinsic factors of a business, how it imagines and what it experiences.

It is therefore, is exciting to gain thousands of followers, shares and likes by creating some viral posts,  but brands need to remember that social media is a wide range tool whose every part should be carefully performed and managed .

By staying away from these mistakes while performing social media marketing, advertisers can prevent mishaps and further develop their online presence