Is Inbound Marketing Really Better Than Outbound Marketing or It’s Just a Myth?


Is Inbound Marketing Really Better Than Outbound Marketing or It’s Just a Myth?

It is important for every business person to know the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing or to be clearer why is inbound marketing better than outbound marketing? You must be amazed why am I being partial to outbound marketing and favoring inbound marketing. It is because every marketing expert would agree with me on this because there are certain features of inbound marketing which make it far better than outbound marketing.

What is the major difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing?


To be described in simple terms, inbound marketing uses pull tricks  while outbound marketing uses the push tricks.

The main aspect of inbound marketing is to create a valuable content for their audience. A content that can be really helpful for the people who are looking for information on certain topics. Whereas outbound marketing relies on pushing a message on the large portion of the audience. It won’t help as much as we get from creating information for a certain lesser amount of audience who are really in search of that information.

Another key difference between both the marketing is communication. Inbound marketing is a two-way communication marketing process whereas outbound marketing is only one-way communication marketing process.  The best thing about inbound marketing is the people can engage themselves in person with the brands and its services. They can now easily clarify their queries and connect with their favorite brands but in the case of outbound marketing, it is simply one-way communication. The message is simple imposed on them and there is no room for discussions.

Why Is Inbound Marketing More Successful than Outbound Marketing?


Even after the above explanations you are not convinced that Inbound marketing is better than outbound marketing then here are some stats that will surely change your mind about the online marketing pattern:

  • 84% of individuals don’t have a decent glance through ads
  • 47% of mail never gets opened, 200 million individuals are on the national Don’t Call Registry
  • 85% of 24­–35 year-olds are liable to click off a site with over the top publicizing
  • You have a superior shot of surviving a plane mishap than having somebody change over on a pennant promotion And etc….etc…etc.

Successful Organizations That Have Been Using Inbound Marketing-

  1. Main Line Family Law Center-

This organization is a great example of keyword research technique of Inbound Marketing. This organization used to provide advice to the couple’s those are undergoing divorce or tension in their relationships.

The owners understood that the couples who are facing problems in their relationships will prefer asking the answer from Google rather than any friend. So accordingly they started Keyword Research and  after a while, Main Line ranked #1 for dozens of keywords. In this keyword research, the took the help of Hubspot and to easily get information about various keywords.



  1. The Rodon Group-

This organization skyrockets it sales by creating a content that was need of the situation. The Rodon Group started as a small plastic company in the year 1956. But over the years, it expanded and now it has to compete in the entire world. So they decided to start a campaign “ Cheaper Than China”. Here they started targeting the clients with the contents and  the strategy become so popular that it grabbed the attention of the president of US Mr. Brack Obama.  Hubspot was again the tool that helped The Rodon Group to get to the top plastic niche.


  1.  Jackson Coffee Company-

Jackson Coffee Company started as a simple coffee shop but with their smart and wise implications of inbound marketing strategies they have been successful in beating the best brands of a coffee shop in the market such as Star Buck. They focussed, especially, on email marketing and offered the customers various lucrative offers and vouchers. This helped them drum up their sales and popularity.

  1. Cook’s Seafood-

This is a great example of using inbound marketing strategies to meet the desired status in the online marketing sector. Cook’s Seafood took help of an open source social technology, namely SocioBoard, which helped it better understand the social media marketing and now it is one of the best restaurants in the California.


  1. Takk Takk-

Takk Takk is a marketing agency at Iceland and they used the social media to get them the necessary hike in their sales and popularity. They started social media to connect with their potential clients and created such a kind of marketing strategy that automatically got the attention of the clients.   


How To Succeed With Inbound Marketing?


The only way to succeed in inbound marketing is honesty, engagement, and transparency. You have, to be honest, and transparent about your services and products. Here you have to even engage with those audiences who are giving negative comments to you and your products.

This mode of marketing might quite dangerous to most of the business persons but it’s a great boon for any marketing venture. Direct communication not only helps you build a nice brand loyalty but also lets you know what kind of service you are lagging at and how can you improve on those parts. One cool thing about this marketing is that you are allowing your customers to be the advocate as well as the ambassadors of your business.   

Elements of Inbound Marketing-

Online Promotion rotates around an arrangement of key exercises. Here are a couple of components that you should act in the event that you are going to advance your business with inbound showcasing.


SEO: We can’t push enough how vital SEO is to inbound marketing. SEO is an arrangement of strategies that makes your site appealing to search engines. It exploits what we think about how web indexes rank destinations to support the odds that your substance will rank for particular watchword looks.  

Content creation: Content can come in numerous structures, however, the essential structures are websites and blog. Web engines like sites with a ton of great content. Be that as it may, the primary focus of content is human guests who need significant data around an issue they are encountering. The key is to position your business as a trusted master through this content. Content likewise incorporates pictures and videos. Ebooks, white paper, online classes and other comparative content offer more broad data that is utilized to gather contact data from guests.  

Call- to-action: Content is not finished without welcoming the readers to act somehow. The activity could download a digital book in return for an email address. Yet, it could likewise be to make a buy markdown with an enchanting offer. Call-to-action requires a point of arrival to further lure guests to react to an offer.  

Online networking: These stages are approaches to Promote content. They make it workable for your content to become famous online and achieve many people.  

Emails: Emails are still an extremely powerful tool to support a continuous association with individuals who have communicated an enthusiasm for your services and products. You can convey an email pamphlet with industry tips and best practices and in addition extraordinary offers on your products.

Final Words-

Inbound Marketing is not only savvy but also a high conversion ratio. Outbound marketing is often considered less effective than inbound marketing. The only thing that is letting down inbound marketing is its reach. One cannot simply target the entire crowd with an audience with inbound marketing where as you can target the entire audience with the push messages and posts. But the effectiveness is much more in inbound marketing than outbound marketing. You need to go for the marketing campaign  wisely to get better results and exposure.  

We want you to share your views and leave comments in the section below and let us know what you believe about inbound and outbound marketing. Till we come up with your next posts, let’s discuss which one is better?