How to Create your Own Blog


How to Create your Own Blog

After seeing my blog, a lot of people ask me how to create one, although creating a blog is not rocket science but still I see that a lot of people are ignorant about it. Even some of my techie friends from TCS, INFY etc are ignorant about it. It’s not a crime though, but off course Ignorance to Technology is no bliss according to me.

I have just highlighted some simple ways by which you can get your own blog setup and running by following some simple steps. Read On….

The best and easiest way is to create a free account at,, or by signing up with them, they allow you to select a nice template for your blog as well and within 5 minutes you are done!

You can also do a Google search

And find a list of other free blog hosting sites.

Steps to create a blog using

1. Browse to the home page.

bloggerhome Page Home Page

2. If you have a Google Account , you can use it straight away or else you will have to sign up for a google account. If you use any of google services like Gmail, Orkut etc then you already have a google account.

You can create a Google account like this –

Register and Create a Google Account.

Register and Create a Google Account.

3. Since I already have a Google account , I will use the same –

Sign In to Blogger Using your Google Account.

Sign In to Blogger Using your Google Account.

4. Then you need to put in your display name and accept their terms and conditions.

Putin Your Display Name and Accept the terms and conditions.

Put in Your Display Name and Accept the terms and conditions.

5.Then you will have to give a name to your blog.

Give a name to your Blog

Give a name to your Blog

6. Select a Template which best suits your blog’s theme

Choose a Blog Template

Choose a Blog Template

7. Make a Blog Post

Create a Blog Post

Create a Blog Post

8. Voila!!! Your Blog is ready ……….

Make a blog post

Your Blog is ready!!

This is what most of the newbies and non techies do to create their blogs and mark there on-line presence.

However if you are a Techno-Moron like me, who feel its below their dignity to follow such a straight path, and want to put in some unnecessary grey matter to do things which are already done. I have outlined a method for you as well. This method is adopted by professional bloggers around the Globe , who want to create their identity in there blogosphere.

The first thing that you need to do is to select a blogging platform to create your blog. There are many out of the box blogging platforms which I evaluated like. I have posted a separate post on those evaluations.

  1. WordPress
  2. TextPattern
  3. Movabletype
  4. Serendipity
  5. Lifetype
  6. Flatpress
  7. Wheatblog
  8. Sblog
  9. Eggblog
  10. Loudblog
  11. Expression Engine
  12. Joomla’s Blog Module
  13. Blogengine.Net

This is not an ordered list but whatever came randomly to my mind I just added one after other. Read my other post of Blogging Platforms to know my reviews about these.

The best one which I recommend to create your own personal/professional blog is word press. You can download a copy from

Upload all the files to your root folder using an ftp client, in Linux hosts with helm control panel its public_html folder.

Follow the installation instructions and you are done.