How Globussoft develops websites – Ramblings on domain driven design, RESTFul Services and Linked Data ways

For the past few months I’ve been researching around this so called topic  ‘Can we have a Unified Process we can use to make websites’. It’s a compendium of everything our team has learned from long years developing programmes, the recent work on music and the currently in development events.

As a warning there’s very little original thinking in here. For those familiar with the concept of one web, the importance of persistent URIs, REST, Domain Driven Design and Linked Open Data it’ll probably be old news. Possibly it’s interesting to see all these threads tied up in one place!?! Maybe it’s interesting to see them all from a user experience point of view?!? Anyway, as ever, it’s built on the thinking and achievements of many clever people over many years who are too numerous to mention here. Although obviously I’ll make an exception for Paul Clifford and TimBL. 🙂