How can a Small Business Make a Better Influencer Marketing?


How can a Small Business Make a Better Influencer Marketing?

Are you a small business marketer expecting better results from influencer marketing?

Here in this article, let us see how a small business can easily leverage better results from influencer marketing on social media platforms.

Social media Influencers are the people whom social users are talking more about, with a good reason. Influencer marketing is one of the important strategies of social media marketing. As per a recent study, the ROI of influencer marketing seems too good. For every $1 spent on paid media, influencer marketing gives an average value of $11.20 in earned media. With this reason, influencer marketing becomes more influential. Irrespective of the business, every business can use this way of marketing. Nowadays, small businesses, besides big brands, are also concentrating on influencer marketing.





Generally, we see on TV ads that big brands use public figures and celebrities for their advertising and promotions.

But, can a local restaurant afford to make Morgan Freeman as their brand ambassador?

So, you have to find your influencers in your locality. This search operation should be done in a right manner. As you are searching for influencers for your social media marketing, search for them on social media itself.

HOW..? Here’s the answer:

Everyone talks to social media to share their daily updates. You can find thousands of targeted users for your business.Now, observe the tweets, comments, and posts of your targeted users. Know the personas of your users. The more you know about your audience, the better you can achieve success here. Look for the people who are more active and engaging with your targeted community.

With this search, you can find many influencers. Among them all, search for the people with relevance and reach. A few of them might have both of the qualities. Look for a good size of reach like some thousands of twitter followers or Facebook fans. The size may vary from business to business. Good reach means you can look for the people who are maintaining a well-read blog on your niche of business or leaders in your industry who are followed by more people.

Search for such people and select them as your influencers.


For this entire search process, a special search tool is badly needed. Because, you are not making a fun search,you are doing a search for your business and its success. So, a small investment is needed.

For example, you can easily afford SocioBoard tools. The tools have advanced search features that can  give precise results. You can utilize such tools.


Now, you have a list of influencers with you. And the next step is to build relations with them. Start with a few of them as your local influencers. Your main aim in this stage is to create a rapport with the personalities. Obviously, social media is the bridge between you people.

At this stage, there are three steps to follow. They are Connect, Engage, and Activate.

As a first step, just follow the influencers of the respective social media, for example, on Twitter. Generally, they will follow you back as you are relevant to them. So, there is a connection established between you two.

Now, engage with them. Being an influencer, they post lots of posts on Facebook or Twitter. Hit a like for their posts on Facebook or retweet the posts on Twitter. Continue this process for a few weeks until when there is an engagement touchpoint occurs.

Now, activate your relation. Make a mention of the influencers on your tweet. Generally, your rivals and other businesses also make many mentions and send invites to them. Most of them get ignored. So, you  make sure that you are offering your value directly in the very first mention. If you have a product to experience, just offer it to them and expect nothing in return. For example, have a look at the two tweets of a business here:


mention-with-no-offering mention-with-offering

From the above two tweets, the second one can get the best impression from the influencers than the first one. Because, the business is offering their new product to the influencer for a taste test in the second tweet. So, the person would definitely give a response to that post. Whereas In the first tweet, they just mentioned there name but offered nothing. So, it will probably get ignored. I guess now you got a clear picture for creating a relationship with your influencers.


Once you started engaging with your influencers, it is the time to drive engagement and results for your business. Start conversation with your influencers and their content. This will show an increase in your followers’ engagement with your own content.

Here at this stage, you need to keep track of your performance and the results you are obtaining with your influencer marketing. For that, there are many analytics tools available. Again with the use of SocioBoard tools, you can track all the social media analytics on a single dashboard. Keep track on the results of every week and every month. This will give you an idea for implementing new strategies.

You can offer coupons to your customers through your influencers. This will tremendously increase your business sales. For an example, here in the tweet below, an influencer offering a coupon of a pizza vendor for her followers.


Do the best you can do to make an engagement with the influencers in a creative way. Promote their websites or blogs without any expectation. Mutual cooperation is very crucial in business and so, they would definitely promote your business in their community.


Influencer marketing is very influential in digital marketing. There are many ways to interact with your influencers. Here in this article, we just shared some stages and steps you have to follow for influencer marketing.

There are many other ways to create engagement with your leaders. The ways a marketer choose to follow depends on the type of business, their goals and the strategies. Whatever the strategy and approaches are, using a social media management tool is necessary as you need to maintain multiple accounts on various social media platforms. So be clever in selecting a good tool for your business