Hiring @ Globussoft


Hiring @ Globussoft

Globussoft is the largest software exporter of chattisgarh with an array of indegenous product line and most talented engineering team of C.G.

Our business has doubled in last 2 years from 25000$ in first year as revenues to $65,000 in gross revenues in the fiscal 2010. (Source – Software Technology Parks of India – Annual Reports 2009-2010).

Our team strength has quadrupled from a 5 man team in 2007 to a 30 man team in 2010 in bhilai. All in all we are growing superbly fast and we need extremely talented souls to work with us and take part in what they do best.

To be a part of this fastest growing IT firm in Central India we look forward to have following qualities in you.

1. Be a motivated self starter.
2. Be a self learner and a fast learner, we need the fastest to be the fastest in this planet.
3. You should love what you want to do! (3 Idiots , Aamir? Does it ring a bell, if not go watch 3I again), for those you just hate coding, Iam sorry this is not a Good place to work 🙂
And yada yada …

Life @ Globussoft is awesome with weekly cricket matches on Saturdays,quarterly outings and an Annual Picnic. Work timings are flexible since we need to accommodate the whole world as our customer base. Infact to be true Globussoft never sleeps and the Sun never sets for us too 🙂

All in all its a fantastic start up to work for , be it a fresher or be it an experienced pro in some cutting edge technology.

Read along following sections based on your professional level.

Hiring for Freshers @ Globussoft

Hiring for experienced professionals @ Globussoft