Hiring for Freshers @ Globussoft


Hiring for Freshers @ Globussoft

For students fresh out of college, we take projects done by them during their college term very seriously.  When in college (and even now.. though I find very little time to actually code), I loved coding on any platform or technology which was latest and gave me a chance to learn something new and I admire those who share my passion.

Here at Globussoft, we seek genuine techmaniacs!

So, if you are fresher dreaming of whipping up some cool software, please visit our campus with a copy of your –
1. UPDATED resume.

2. Final Year Project with code and documentation.

We will ask you to setup the project in our test labs and do a run through for us. Most candidates get rejected at this phase since they have bought their final year project from somewhere or merely copy pasted some body else’s existing project.

We ask you to explain your involvement during various stages of the project development, the challenges you faced and your overall participation will be evaluated based on your responsiveness. Hence unless  you are genuinely prepared, you are going to find it a tough round to get past.

3. An algorithmic test – We ask you to code 5 programs in our campus.

4. HR round – Last and Final round to see if you are really employable 😉

Please read about Globussoft before coming for this round…