Hire Me

Normally am a super busy person, however am open to getting hired for following jobs –

If you are looking for a Digital Marketing strategist to lead your company’s digital marketing forefronts, am your go to guy. I can growth hack your company’s online presence to where it should be. I have done it for my companies and businesses and if you are reading this blog post about me today, you are one lead who came to my lead funnel via my growth hacking methods. So if I can do it for myself,I can do it for you as well.

If you are looking for a Chief Solution Architect or Chief Software Architect for a very complex software product you are doing. I spend half of my work days tinkering with technology as that is something I love to do, if I  get time, I even sit and code just to satisfy my lust for coding. Although not production code anymore and I believe strongly in something – You own your code, and you have to maintain it as well. As my time is very limited, and I can’t dedicate enough time to maintaining code so I don’t write much production code. What I do is lead products and do solution architecture etc. This is something I love to do and would like to work on real challenging problems. So if you are building something which you feel is really challenging, do drop me a line. I am one of the only few people in the Indian Software Industry who has architect-ed Blackhat softwares(normally its done by russians and chinese), I am not revealing anything publically here, but if you read the digital marketing part of my about me section, you can find more about the blackhat software’s I have architected/coded and released.