Grumblings of a Grieved Employer


Grumblings of a Grieved Employer

I have been thinking of writing this post for quite some time now, but never got time to an extent to put down my thoughts and express it out all together into my post.

Whenever I write a blog post, I try to make myself as comfortable as possible, away from any disturbance, I close all messengers to stay away from some pissed off customers and get ready to write.

Now you must be wondering what’s so special about this post that I’m taking so much time to lay down a “bhoomika” for it :). Well, this is probably the first post am writing about myself as an employer who sits on a chair and dismisses everyone who comes to him, without caring what he or she has done (at least some people think so).

The day I started this company, the very first building block on which I wanted to build my company was zero bureaucracy. I never wanted any multiple tiered reporting organizational structure where people with bureaucratic attitude eat up all the credits of hardworking employees (which is a hard fact of all top Indian IT services companies). I wanted to implement a very flat organization with pretty much a startup culture where everyone is a colleague and there is no management or employee tussle. Everyone working with each other with equal respect to their colleagues. I hope I have been able to implement this largely in my company and I’m directly reachable to anyone for any issues and we discuss it face to face.

Now there is a typical dis-advantage of such a wonderful system. While on one hand it helps you to evaluate each of your people directly and tell them where they need improvement and how they can improve their skill sets for a better career, on the other hand if you are a hard person like me (which I think I have become), and you like to stick to your evaluations and tell your colleague that boss this is my evaluation about your results and its very POOR, chances are most of the times people may take it personally rather than professionally.

The results can be many – The guy/girl might resign with immediate effect, or he/she can take an offense on you and as a result you will have to face their aftermath at a later stage where they take an un-needed/un-wanted leave at the time of project delivery and doom your project and the client, or he/she can start creating negative propaganda about you and your company in various forums/blog/twitter/facebook etc, or or or .. this list can be endless.

There can be multiple repercussions of my kinda hard stay on attitude, where I want to be fair with myself and well as with someone who is performing well and vice versa.

Now I have my own reasons for this –

1. If I start following a bureaucratic approach where I announce that everyone is performing equal even if he/she is not, it will kill competition. We all know the reason why Corporate America is America today and what has happened to USSR/West Bengal due to communism/socialism. I want a competitive environment to prevail at Globussoft where people give their best and try to improve themselves as well as the company.

2. I don’t want a Job@Globussoft to be treated as a “sarkari naukri”, where your hard-work is not valued. People go to rest in govt. offices, since they know that it doesn’t matter if they work or not, they gonna get paid every month, and we can very well see what’s the plight of the country. Give me a single case where you have to get some work done at a govt. office and you have returned with a happy face without frustration? I guess there is none. I don’t want our customers to be frustrated when they deal with Globussians.

3. A fair review policy always helps someone with an open mind to improve his/her skills and grow in life. If your so called hard work is dismissed by someone, there has to be a reason for that.

Just because you as an employee are sitting 10 hrs in front of a comp at office, doesn’t mean your performance is very high. You can be facebooking, orkutting, chatting, roaming about or just passing time.

Performance is measured by the value of work you have delivered. A simple analogy is a school kid who sits 10 hrs with his book on table but is thinking of something else. When exam results are out he fails, same as your projects fail. Now if he cries to his mom saying paper was hard or he wrote everything correct or whatever xyz, how fair do you think he is? He should write a blog entry about the bad teacher who gave him a big zero 😉 since he failed the poor guy or should he quit the school itself?

Well whatever I have written above was as an employer, who likes his employees a lot. I try to be as friendly as possible with my pupil since I want this company to be one BIG family like a huge tree with many leaves.

But considering myself as a neutral person, I feel its wrong to grumble in public about your failures. If you have failed and some body has dismissed you, he must have a reason for that. If he doesn’t have any reason and he is dismissing everyone’s hard-work without any reason then you have no reason to be bullied by him everyday. Better find greener pastures for you.

However, if you feel from bottom of your heart there is a reason, then in future one should learn to avoid those reasons, rather than failing and then grumbling.

As a person, as an employer and mentor I always want to use – “Well done, good job dude, excellent job man” more than I need to use – “what the f**k”.

What comes out from me is solely dependent on how someone performs. I have appreciated a lot of people personally for their hard work and I do it daily from the bottom of my heart since I really love people who are like me! Hard working and focused.

Nuf said, time will teach the rest!

Do love your job and not your company! But at least learn, or try to appreciate someone who is working hard to create a difference! – Sumit Ghosh

Watch this video (with audio) if you have time, to understand what I mean to say above –