Globussoft Rocks!!


Globussoft Rocks!!

Well those who know me will not believe their eyes when they see the title of this post. Probably some of you will have your eye balls popped out.

But don’t get me wrong, Iam not criticizing my own company, yes my own company which I have built with lots of khoon(blood) and pasina(sweat). I was reading a blog post from an MIT researcher whom I regularly follow, he said people like to read negative stories about brands. His post was so engrossing that he grabbed my attention for almost 20 minutes on this post. (Now his blog is a secret since I draw a lot of marketing ideas from this guy, and I know a lot of my competitors follow me, so I wont reveal him publicly here, but if you are someone whom I like/know, just comment and I shall reply you via email.)

So, this is my idea to bring some good press to Globussoft and spread word about it. The apt title about this post shall be decided after the entire post has been written since I myself don’t know now what should be the very apt title for this post.

I have so many things in my head right now and I want to jot them down at one go.

Here I start,

Globussoft as you all know is NOT yet another IT services start up or a freelancing oriented body shop which many people have started percieving us.

We are an end to end consumer product company with major product releases slated by end of 2010.

We have already released 2 products – TwtZilla and Gamebibo which have been huge successes so far and are being liked a lot in their respective consumer communities.

Also, why we are not trying to be another company inย  Axis of Evil as correctly mentioned by Vishal Gondal, there are several reasons –

1. These stupid IT Services companies, or so called largest IT companies of India produce hordes of Autobots each year.ย  Although Vishal calls them outbots I would like to change the nomenclature, I call them Autobots. Read more about my post on Autobots in next few weeks.We don’t want to join the league, we want to create a group of creative people who can create unique softwares which have very high appeal to mass market and end consumers.

2. I personally am part of the group which thinks that the Axis of Evil of IT Industry has created a very wrong brand of Indian Engineering Talent.ย  Engineers are asked to do ticket solving, or maintain year old systems or document code written ages ago by some freaky American company which makes 10 times the money by selling the shelved product of the very code which we Indians working in these IT companies maintain. FYI, this work can be done by even B.Com. or B.Sc. graduates and I have heard that they have started hiring B.Sc. graduates since they are not able to get enough engineers for these so called challenging tasks.

What we are trying to do is not create autobots but smart people who do justice with the degree they have earned in their 4 years of education.

A lot of people who work with me @Globussoft do follow my vision and buy my idea of creating a difference and not be part of the millions of autobots who do hamali at the IT Industry.

But ya I would gladly accept that there are quite a few do not subscribe to my vision and like to hop jobs which is a trend in the Indian IT industry, again created by the Axis of Evil.

Ideally I would like, as many of my Start-up friends feel, they should be stopped from Hiring Engineering Students from Any Engineering college in India. They have already been banned in IITs and the top premier engineering colleges due to the low work quality they offer that IITians consider as bullshit and instead prefer to work with start-ups or go for higher education.

This would be a great move to boost up the start-up space in India where we find lack of talented people who are willing to work with start-ups and be creative and be part of an organization trying to create a difference.

There are several reasons why one should be working with a start-up-

1. A start-up can give you some real food for thought, where you can flow your brain juices and effectively utilize your grey matter.

2. You get a chance of making a large impact and get recognized for your feat. Just imagine with 200 engineers facebook is able to handle 500 million consumers, that’s 1 engineer to 40,00,000 Users. What an impact a single engineer is making to the user community worldwide.

In our company, myself and another engineer built a product called TwtZilla and today its being consumed by over 20,000 people. Just imagine how much impact that engineer is able to make and what sort of challenges we face daily and solve while building such systems.

Dont you think its more challenging than solving tickets ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

3. Some start-ups like ours, offer you equities ๐Ÿ™‚ . Working with these shitty Indian IT biggies you can never reach those luxuries which every Indian dreams of. But if even a single product of the start-up you are working with clicks and strikes gold, you are a rich man and worth millions if not billions within no time. Do I need to give examples here? There are plenty I guess….

4. A start-up culture is the most favorable culture for proper career growth both personally and professionally. You get to play multiple roles in a start-up and everyone does everything. It helps you to grow yourself via multiple epicenters of your personality. Apart from that, you work as a small team with zero bureaucracy and feel pleased to actually get rewarded for your own hard-work, where nobody can steal your credit for his own benefits.

This list can go endless, and I can keep on adding the benefits of working with a product start-up rather than just another body shop.

However, I feel I have written enough on why Globussoft rocks! and does not suck :).

It qualifies with all the qualities of a great and a successful start-up to be a part of.

If you are reading this post as a soon-to-be employee of Globussoft, I hope your stay with us will be equally challenging and enjoyable as I have promised here.