Facebook PPC Hack – Increase your ROI by 1000%


Facebook PPC Hack – Increase your ROI by 1000%

So guys if you are an experienced FB ads marketer you probably already know this and use it in your campaigns.

But if you are just starting up then most probably you are not using this method and wasting a lot of money on FB PPC.  Most marketers I know make 300-1000% ROI via this method selling their products or services on Facebook.

The method is quite simple to understand and execute. It basically needs to laser target your leads on facebook and only show ads to them and see your conversions shoot over the roof.

Now this is the usual BS which every marketer tells but whats the difference in my method.

So I am giving you a method to find laser targeted people who are REAL people who have a REAL connection to your product and service and only shows ads to them, Yes its possible and very much possible and also fool proof.

Let me give you a step by step method –

1. Step one would be to find 50 pages and groups in your niche, it can be your competition’s page as well. So if you are a restaurant in NYC, find the pages of other 50 restaurants in NYC and groups in any.

2. Now the second step is little complex. Use Facedominator ( www.facedominator.com ), they have a UID extractor feature, the free version has it , so you don’t need to buy the software for this method. But if you want to support the development team please do buy a license, it helps the team to keep the software up and running and maintain this awesome software which has so many uses for a ninja FB marketer.

Fire facedominator and start the UID extractor feature to extract all the UIDs and Emails ( if available ) from pages and groups of people who have actively commented on the page’s posts. Now these are the REAL people who are actively engaging with your competition so they are LASER targeted leads for your business. Again these are not people who have just liked the page, these are people who have commented on the posts of your competition, so you are scraping always real people.

If you scrape 50-100 pages you will have a lead base of 5000-10,000 people. This is gold mine of leads if you ask me, REAL LEADs who are talking to your competition and most probably your competition doesn’t even care about them.

3. Third step is easy one, FB Ads manager has a feature to create custom audiences which you created by loading these collected UIDs/Emails.

Now next step is to create a campaign specifically to target this custom audience. FB has a power editor feature which allows you to do this. Look it up on Google or read the help manuals of FB’s site its quite easy to do.You can also show ads to their friends and friends of friends, run sponsored stories targeting friends and friends of friends, there can be unlimited twists.

4. Sit back and relax and see your ROI shoot up to 1000% , low ad spends and huge conversions. This can be done for every niche and industry.

I also made a video for the ID extraction process so you can see it in action.