Dynamic Adverts on Facebook – What Marketers should Know?


Dynamic Adverts on Facebook – What Marketers should Know?

Want to target your potential customers with right products from your catalog?

Ever tried Dynamic Adverts?

Facebook has extended its Dynamic Product Adverts and changes as Dynamic Adverts now. It is offering this feature on the Instagram platform. It also extended this solution to Travel business. And it gave some updates to its custom audience feature. Let us see about all these in this article. Let’s go…

Why Dynamic Adverts got launched?

Smartphone the device that changes the lifestyle of people. Today, most of the people are spending most of their time in mobile apps. They are turning to mobile phones when it comes to shopping. As per Instagram User Survey, 2015, 75% people take an action if they are inspired by a post on Instagram. According to ComScore 2016 survey, one of every five purchases is made on mobile during the festive season in 2015.

It is clear that the way people discover products and make a purchase is changing and so, marketers need to shape their strategies. They have to know the way people show interest in a product. So that, they can reach the right people at the right time with a relevant message. Remember, when it is the people shopping on mobile, relevance is the key element.

To help businesses with these changes and enabling them to drive sales across mobiles and desktops in more places, facebook expands the functionalities of Dynamic Adverts which is called Dynamic Product Adverts earlier. As shoppers on the Instagram increase, facebook launching the successful Dynamic Adverts on Instagram to extend its help to marketers.

What do the Dynamic Adverts do?


Shoppers on facebook show their interest in a product in any of the ways like viewing the product, adding the product to their cart or making a purchase of the product. Thus dynamic adverts can get to know the interests of the users and automatically shows them the right products from the catalog of a marketer. In this way, the marketer can reach more potential users on mobile apps and desktops.

Why should marketers use Dynamic Adverts?


Generally, marketers have a long list of products with them. Different users like different products. So in general, marketers need to create a separate advert for each product in their catalog to target a variety of users. This is all a time-consuming process. But now, with the Dynamic Adverts feature, marketers can showcase all their products at once and show the right products to the right users. Marketers can automatically showcase their each and every product with dynamic targeting.

Till date, around 2.5 billion products are uploaded to Facebook. And now Dynamic Adverts extended to Instagram, giving a great opportunity for marketers promoting their products to their shoppers on mobile phones.

Here we give a case study of Lolly Wolly Doodle, an online clothier who used Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook.

Lolly Wolly Doodle:


Lolly Wolly Doodle is a mother and children clothier, established as a small business in 2010 in North Carolina. It has grown as a large business and got a great customer base. It wants to expand its online sales on its website. And also wants to know the preferences of its customers.

As a solution, it placed the Facebook Pixel on its website and uploaded a catalog of its products to Facebook. It created a list of custom audience and lookalike audience. Then it started Dynamic Products Advert campaign. So, it could manage to pull the products automatically and target audience as per their interests.

As a result of its ongoing campaign launched in August 2015, it got:


  • Its revenue increased by 32%
  • Cost per checkout decreased by 9%
  • Ad spend returns increased by 15%
  • Average purchases increased by 20%
  • Checkouts increased by 27%

Dynamic Adverts for Travel:

As per Mobile Commerce Report, January 2016, it is predicted that about 73% of people in the US will research for a trip and travel on Mobile. So in order to help the travel advertisers, Facebook is now extending its Dynamic Adverts for travel businesses. So marketers can showcase their ads to particular people who want to visit a particular place on particular dates.

So, businesses who offer hotel bookings and traveling facilities can showcase their offers and services via the mobile apps to the people who browse hotels or flights on their websites.


Facebook has tested the dynamic adverts for travel businesses, and very soon it will coming up with more functionalities. So far, many marketers have tried these dynamic ads and they say that dynamic adverts is a great solution for retargeting. It can adapt to the needs of marketers quickly. As said by a Trivago based organization, their returns on advertising spend seen a year-on-year  increase of 1200%.

Custom Audience Updates:

Different people display different behavior on your website. Among all the visitors, some are valuable for marketers than others. For example, if a person visits a website more frequently like once a week, it is more likely that the person will make a purchase in the next 30 days. So, marketers have to captivate such visitors. To help marketers with this regard, facebook updates its custom audience feature.

Here are the new targeting options for custom audience of your website:

#1 Frequency: target based on how many times a person visit your website.

#2 Time spent: target based on the time the person spent on your website making an action like viewing a page or browsing something.

#3 Dynamic Dates: a range of dates in which the person shows interests in an action like purchasing.

#4 Aggregated Values: the amount that a person spends in total.

#5 Devices: includes the device the person uses like desktop, Android device or iOS device etc.

With these advanced criteria, marketers can precisely analyze the behavior of their custom audience. They can bid with a right value for actions like driving conversions.


With these updates, marketers can precisely target their potential users using Dynamic Adverts across devices. Recently, Instagram has reached a 500 million mark in its user count. Statistics of advertising on Instagram are very alluring that 64% online shoppers in the US observe Instagram ads. As Dynamic Adverts reached Instagram, marketers can reach their potential users more effectively. The updates to the custom audience allow you to targeting your users more precisely. Like New York Times achieved 25% increase in their subscriptions through Facebook, you can also make such a great achievement for your business. If you are a Travel marketer, it’s the right time to start your Dynamic Advertising campaigns. So, get ready.

Hope this post helps you and share your knowledge on Dynamic Ads with us and help others.