Chhattisgarh is Crowd Sourcing!


Chhattisgarh is Crowd Sourcing!

Hi Friends,

Recently I have been receiving quite a few emails from colleagues and my buddies all across the country working at some of the top notch Tech. firms expressing their strong desire to migrate back to Chattisgarh for some IT related opportunities. No, not because a lot of Global MNCs are moving to C.G 🙂 .. read along..

A year ago, I decided to quit the well known IT giant TCS to realize my long cherished dream of a startup here in my hometown Bhilai. Since then we have been taking up a lot of steps to contribute to the IT innovation landscape in C.G. Just like me, there are many others who after gaining ample exposure from the captive R&D centers or the so called MNCs want to return home and be a part of something adventurous, something they have a reason to feel proud of!

It’s my good fortune that I have been endowed with overwhelming support from my well wishers all super excited to join forces with us in the various mind blowing (if I may) initiatives that we are working on, here at Globussoft.

Globussoft – the startup founded by me is now a 100,000$ company in total revenues and we are looking for smart and determined individuals like you who would like to be a part of this rapidly growing IT company and contribute towards the growth of IT and Software in C.G, our home state.

Excuse me for being a little blunt, but the government of the state of C.G is not taking many efforts for the upliftment of IT in the state nor is the local STPI society (Software Technology Parks of India) here in Bhilai any friendly to entrepreneurs and startups (believe me, I have been through it all!!). It’s difficult to retain local talent and candidates flee to metros and other prominent cities the moment they get a chance for reasons which I feel sorry to accept, are true. It’s high time that we take necessary steps to ensure that our state too can match up to the southern states and attract lucrative IT investments.

In the mutual benefit of the state and individuals, I on behalf of Globussoft request one and all to extend helping hands via project sponsorships, direct or indirect equity and be a part of India’s next IT revolution. We know we have the potential; it’s time to put together our collective minds.

It’s not compulsory to be employed with Globussoft to participate. You can contribute as an individual who wants to make a DIFFERENCE – it’s as simple as that!!!

And no, we don’t need any money. By God’s grace and our hard work and will, we have ample of that; all we need is your skills, your ideas and your precious time :).

This sounds interesting, how do I proceed?

You need to send us an email with willingness to contribute your time. Right now Globussoft has envisioned 10 business units which have been incepted in 2010. Some are already functioning (Namely, NetVaani and TweetMati), while others are still being conceptualized.

Other than these 10 business units we have around 50-55 products which are at various stages of maturity.

You can take part in any of these business units OR you can suggest a product or an idea which can be incepted as an entire business unit of its own. Recently a guy, Virender from Rajnandgaon contacted me with his idea on device drivers. Our team is collaborating with him and soon the product will hit development roadmap and then head straight to the markets.

This way you too can have your ideas realized with us and in turn help generate IT jobs here in C.G, make it a better state for IT incubation. By working with Globussoft, you have a great marketing team at your disposal. We will help market your product and create business out of it via an established business model which is bound to succeed.

At Globussoft, a business unit is a mature product cum service which has its own eco-system and is able to function independently from the parent company.

Ok, I am in, what do I get in return?

In return you get equity of a product, of a business which YOU own. Your product will literally be your baby. We simply help you find the chance to plant the seed, nurture it, see it maturing and take pride in calling it your baby. It’s an out of the world feeling 🙂

Globussoft marketing team helps you with all the latest marketing techniques and you get your share of the overall income the product generates. This helps us hire more people to maintain and grow the product into a mature competitive business unit of its own.

A product sold 50x for less than 100$ is 5000 USD i.e. 2.4 Lakh INR. This is our worst case scenario for sale of any of our products. We normally sell 200-500 copies of our best products very year! Don’t be surprised if this amount turns out to be greater than your annual “package” 🙂

So why wait? Time to give momentum to your ideas, see them come to life! Come join us and be a part of this revolution!!

Sumit Ghosh

(The Ideator!!!)