A Complete Guide About Community Management – Everything that You Need to Know!

A Complete Guide About Community Management

A Complete Guide About Community Management – Everything that You Need to Know!

Community Manager plays an imperative role in the hierarchy of Social Media Marketing. It is responsible for spreading awareness of the business to the masses. Many businesses usually think that there is no difference between a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager. I feel sorry for this misinterpretation. And here in this article, I’m going to give a clear idea on everything that you need to know about community management and community managers.


Well, you may have your business pages on various social media networks. And the pages boast a good number of follower count. Your social media manager is doing well on the social networks with cool content and strong strategies for maintaining good relations with the fan base.

There must be someone who advocates your brand on social media and edify people who have never heard of your business. And that person is the Community Manager who brings new followers and potential customers for your business. And the whole process is called community management.


Though the primary objective of both the Community management and Social media management is to deal with social media only, still, they are two discrete units.

In social media management, your main focus will be on the social users who are your followers. You maintain your business page and produce content explaining your new products and services. In a way, you have to blow your own trumpet.

On the other hand, community management deals with the people who are not your followers. In fact, it deals with the people who have never heard of your business. You hire an individual who is an expert in endorsing a business through his personal profile on a social network.


Advocating the brand on a social media network is the key responsibility of a Community Manager. You have to build your own persona on a social network and have to search and attract new potential customers, interact with them, and make them loyal towards your business.

Simply, the community manager should be the nexus between the business and the community. The key responsibilities of community managers can be regarded as the pillar for a better community management of a business on social media. Listed below are four major responsibilities of a community manager:



A Community manager’s responsibility doesn’t stops after acquiring a new follower. He has the responsibility to drive early adoption. That is, he has to make them involved actively with the community. For this, there are many practices that community managers should follow:

  • They have to interact with new blogs and networks and answer questions of the targeted users. To find such blogs or networks, they have to make a research on finding new keywords and topics.
  • They have to operate variety of social networks so that they can find potential customers.
  • They have to find influencers, on the social networks, who can endorse or advocate the business.
  • Getting followers on their social accounts. Please observe: as we mentioned earlier, community managers have to make their own social media presence and advocate the brand. So, they have to gain followers for their accounts.
  • Conducting events and chats.


This is the key practice that helps with the growth of the community. As an example:

Sprout Social’s Community Manager Sarah Nagel conducts a twitter chat with her potential customers for Sprout Social with the name @sprout_sarah. In this chat, she asks questions to the customers of Sprout Social regarding social media marketing and management.

By this, she creates interaction with the members of the community (both new and old) and advocates the business. Every time she comes with a new topic and questions, she finds new users thereby increasing the follower related with the business.



Social media managers present themselves on the social networks as a brand. As most of the customers don’t want to listen or communicate to a business page because they believe that brands may hide the facts. But they listen to social influencers and other users on social media.

In such a situation, Community Managers can create a humanized engagement with your customers on the social networks. They can create this engagement by:

  • Creating effective, fresh and relevant content that shares knowledge and updates of the business.
  • Searching for blogs and forums where users talk about the business or the niche. And answering the questions of the users and giving solutions for their problems.
  • Giving replies to the comments made on the social media posts.


A Community manager listens to the users and gauges the metrics for business on social media. The things involved in the process of listening are:

  • Asking the customers about their feedback on the services and products.
  • Talking to them personally and seeking suggestions.
  • Analysis of the performance of the business on social media with the help of social media analytics.
  • Suggesting the businesses on the content that should come up next and the audience who are to be targeted.



The tastes of users keep changing, as a result, social media comes up with new technologies often to meet user’s requirements. With the continuous listening and engagement, a community manager helps the business to go ahead on social media.


Community Management is quite different from other jobs. They have to perform different roles on each social media network. Community Managers advocate your business by being the voice of your brand. On the other hand, they analyse the consumer behavior and give suggestions to the businesses for further enhancement.

However, the way a community manager deals with his duties vary from business to business. It depends on the niche of the business. So here, let us see some tips for a better community management:




There may be a million users in your community but chances are that only a thousand of them are active and influential. Then it is a better idea to focus more on those thousand users. They are like the brand ambassadors for your business. Offer them your guest posts and let them participate in various events of your business. And do whatever good  you can do with the active users.


Well, you are utilizing your power to spread awareness among users. But it doesn’t get you all what you want. Your key responsibility is to build an active community. So, you have to play your part.

Try to interact with each and every individual within the community and keep them active but yes, still focus more on the already active ones.


Sometimes your posts or comments may go wrong and may cause inconvenience to others. Then, say sorry. It’s not like apologizing as a business. As a community manager, you have to take the sole responsibility for what caused an inconvenience to your followers. This improves your credibility.


It’s quite natural getting busy with things as a manager and facing problems. In such cases, don’t lose your cool and show your frustration in the comments or replies to your followers. This messes up things. Rather, keep your cool. Usually, people like the one who handles everything with a smile.


As a community manager, you are responsible for taking care of the customer queries regarding the products and services. The most part of your job will be answering the questions of your users on social media or through emails.

So, it is better to know the products and services your business is offering and anticipate the most probable queries. Contact your product and support teams and get your answers ready for such questions for each platform you are going to give answers on.


Your followers listen to your business. So a social media manager is enough to maintain good CRM. But spreading your brand awareness among the people who are not your followers and transforming them into your followers is not possible by being just a brand on social media.

To achieve it with a human touch, your business needs a community manager indeed. Their job is not just hanging out on social media and blow your trumpet.