A chat application using WCF

WCF is a happening part of .NET framework 3.0 and above. By developing WCF and allowing developers to use it Microsoft has paved a path of the next generation of Unified Communications Platform. One can visualize a great communicative world ahead and multiple platfroms communicating to each other in a unified manner. WCF is essentially going to play an essential role in this entire connected world on technology.

I got really fascinated by the way WCF stack is arranged and how easy it is to write communication applications using it. Earlier if I used to write a network application , it turned out to be nothing lesser than a night mare.

There were many things that we had to take care of –

1. Socket Programming РHandling sockets in code is a night mare for any programmer. Opening , closing  and handling sockets in a multithreaded manner made coding a battle ground , where developers really used to face difficultly organizing business logic and managing network communications code. I still remember the days when I was coding a Poker Gaming application , the server used to be a real night mare for us.

2. Network communication and Business logic – Prior to WCF we developers had to figure out how to seperate the application’s business logic with the underlying network code. This was a complex job and required great deal of experience and exposure to network protocols , solution architectures etc. WCF has made life a lot easy for developers by encapsulating the network communication internally as a part of the foundation.