360° Photographs: The Latest Tool to Go Viral on Social Media

360 Degree Photographs for Business

360° Photographs: The Latest Tool to Go Viral on Social Media

Social media is continuously luxuriating to a higher level each day. The competition is quite tough and online marketing experts trying various unique methodologies to get their products and services viral on social media. If you are keen followers of social media trends and journals, one of the recent news, quite trending at every blog is 360-degree photography. Each and every blog is now trying illuminating the audiences regarding this latest tool.


Visual marketing is the need of the day. Keeping this in mind, Facebook has recently added a new feature to add 360-degree photographs in the timeline. Facebook convert the normal images to an interactive one that one can see by tilting their smartphones using the Facebook apps for android and iOS. Facebook CEO “ Mark Zuckerberg,” Said that you just need to upload a panorama image or an image was taken with 360-degree app and rest will be done by Facebook.

360-panoramaMany experts feel that this 360-degree photographs will rule in the times to come. Not only Facebook, I personally think that every social media network I surely gonna add this feature to their list. These 360-degree images have come up with great news for the business community. This is the latest tool to make your audience follow you and stick to you.

Here are some of the major benefits of 360 Degree Images for Business Community-



When I say work Place, I mean real work Place. Not the road before your place. Not your patio either. Not an edge of office – recalls that it’s 360 degrees!

If you have a store, take a 360 of your front office or shop region. This welcomes individuals into the area to truly discover what your area looks like and what they can expect when they visit. You can even provide.

the nearby locations in the images defining how the area looks like where your shop is situated.  It’s kinda similar to a Google Earth see yet better with the goal that clients can better discover your area. This is really helpful; for retail locations, restaurants, and different organizations that welcome new clients on daily basis.



If you have a distribution center or assembling set up of any sort, take a 360 photograph to show what this set resembles. This shows individuals how genuine you are about your stock and offers them a  glance at how you work.

This welcomes identity and a human element to your image while showcasing it in a special and less-postured path.


Out for a celebration with your team? Need to present new team members? Commending a member’s birthday or organization commemoration? Get everybody around and have the 360-degree photograph shot from the center of the gathering to catch everybody in one major grinning, cheerful photograph.


Styx with New Horizons Team

This welcomes identity and a human element to your image while showcasing it in a special and less-postured path.


Do you go to conferences, meetings, or any kind of special occasions? Whether you’re supporting an occasion or going to the occasion, your clients and crowd are likely intrigued to know what you’re doing and how you’re partaking.

Stand at a bustling zone of the occasion, if you can, and click a magnificent 360-degree photograph of the entire venue to give your audience a fun point of view. Incorporate some takeaways or tips from the occasion to help the estimation of this kind of picture.


Do you go for work? Do you visit fun, vivacious, energizing spots? Alright, then you could capture some beautiful photographs in 360. In any case, please make it fascinating.


A travel blogger or worldwide speaker would make extraordinary utilization of this component to showcase new areas or venues.


Attaching some of the best and creative images to your posting list would really help your business big time. You can capture some shots such as from a cliff of the entire city or a shot from the plane or something similar. If  your image is about these sort of extraordinary spots or opportunities, you can thoroughly utilize an awesome 360-degree photograph. In any case, regardless of the fact that your image isn’t particularly about this, however, you accomplished something like this and could tie it to your image, these sorts of pictures are something that would emerge in the food and that your audience would appreciate.


Some Important Tips Before Start Clicking 360-degree images:


These days most of the cell phones have a great camera which can help you click amazing 360-degree images. The latest Android or Apple cell phones have great resolution, pixels, and memory to create a sizzling panorama.


You need to click numerous photos and get yourself an expert edge before sharing your panorama images on Facebook. You are responsible for your brand’s image and weight in the market. So you have to picture perfect while clicking the images. So take time and play with lights, angles, positions and get your shot perfect.


It doesn’t make a difference how great your camera is if the camera holder stumbled while shooting. With a 360-degree photograph, it’s quite important to know the correct position of the  camera. If you are having a special stand for your camera then it’s great and if you are holding it with your own hands then you must do it quite carefully.


360° Photograph is a great way to get going with your audiences. Marketing experts have a great faith in its potential and believe that it’s the latest and most powerful way to get your audiences interested in your posts and shares.  And it may not be wrong to say that these 360° photographs are the future of visual marketing.  So without wasting a single moment, start capitalizing with this latest trick of social media marketing.

Are you using  360° photographs in your posts? Share your views on what you feel about this latest way of involvement with your crowd!!!