1st Day of 2009 with Globussians


1st Day of 2009 with Globussians

After the long awaited break , I was finally back to Bhilai to meet all Globussians eagerly waiting to see me. Majid was waiting to get his doubts cleared on a WCF based chat application , which he was working on for a Canadian Client.

Ram was giving final touches to this 2 chat room based flash project. I asked him to create a custom flv player for me and he did it within 15 minutes, I was quite impressed by the way he was grown competent in actionscript on his own.

Evening saw me taking a training session for some new trainees with Globussoft. They were very excited to have me address them.

Globussians were very excited to know that finally Iam going to leave TCS and join Globussoft fulltime from this february, I could see those expectations and faith in their Glittering eyes.

The previous year has been very tough for Globussoft , I was out and away for almost whole of the year and as it happens even with world’s strongest companies, in absense of efficient leadership, all deafs and dumbs start singing. Something similar happened here, although we suffered with this symptom for some time, but things came in control during the VT session.

Globussoft saw all ups and down it can and finally stablized a bit in the last months of the year. However we saw some immense losses in terms of man power, as some trained man power whom I had trained personally with my personal efforts left Globussoft to join its potential competetors(Although I dont consider them as any competetor as it needs a lot of technical expertise,experience and thought leadership to compete with Sumit Ghosh). The only thing which struck me was that they weren’t able to have sustained confidence and faith on me like their peers in Globussoft.

Any ways, I wish them a very best of luck for there future, it has happened in past with people who have left Globussoft in rush have felt guilty about their decision later.