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Short Bio


With 20 years of programming experience and 12 years of digital marketing experience, I am a mixture of 2 skillsets mainly –




I have been a programmer for over 20 years before moving to being a digital marketing nerd and a media buyer and carrying out management roles, starting coding in C when I was 16 in high school, I am a geek and I love coding complex stuff and building complex software solutions. I have mainly hacked in PHP for 10 years, and C#.NET for over 12 years and VB and C++ prior to that. Last few years I have hacked with a bit of Android, Nodejs, Laravel, Angularjs and other related technologies, nothing for production though, just fun hacking.

These days I mainly focus my time on architecting software solutions as I don’t get enough time to write production code. You can check out my SO profile to read about what am interested in lately.

https://stackoverflow.com/users/56150/sumit-ghosh (My stackoverflow profile)


As I have moved to more managerial roles in my career where I manage an organization of 250+ employees, I barely get time to code now.


Digital Marketing 


I am an internet marketer, social media strategist, search marketer, affiliate marketer and media buying guy. I have managed FB and Google PPC campaigns for numerous clients with budgets ranging from 100s to 1000s of dollars a day. I have also managed Adwords for large corporations that have a budget spent of $10,000 USD a day. I help businesses with Conversion Optimization, A/B split tests, Landing Page Optimizations, etc. I am popularly known as Indianbill007 in the digital marketing world, if you are a digital marketer,read about some influential stuff I have done in the digital marketing industry.



Short PPC Experience


I have Scaled One Campaign from $10,000/month to $150,000/month and reduced Cost Per Acquisition from $300 to $80 in a super competitive industry(industry average CPA is $150!). This was my best campaign so far. The client was so impressed that he gave me open budget to spend as much as I can and acquire leads.


I have Setup Geo-Target Campaigns across all 50 states in the US with optimized ads. The conversion rate doubled from 2% (standard search campaign) to 10%. Increase of 5 times.



Developed advanced lead tracking to determine what ads/keywords/platforms delivered quality leads vs. trash leads. After implementing changes, CPA went from $500 to $100, lead quality improved by 300%.



Globally Top 5 Casinos are my clients and my team does their end to end media buying on AdWords, we spend over 15 million USD annually on just 1 vertical – Online Casino.



I have helped the top 2 Rummy Brands in India acquire users – Again both the brands gave me open budgets to spend as I brought down their acquisitions cost of the First Time Depositor to 10% of the customer LTV.



Recently am also helping some SAAS companies with their lead gen camps on Adwords and FB as well ( if you are a SAAS company looking to grow fast and need the brains of one of the best media buyers in the world to help your growth, reach out to me.)



I am the top media buyer for India’s largest Performance Marketing Network – vCommission, I have open spend budget from them as well (references can be provided on request.)




My Media Buying expertise


Paid Search (Adwords/BingAds/Remarketing)


Paid Social (Facebook/Instagram Ads/Offers/Promoted Posts/Remarketing)


Amazon (Product Optimization/Product Ads (similar to Google’s))


Video Advertising (Youtube/Tiktok/FB/Instagram/Remarketing)


Mobile Ads via Admob,inmobi,revcpa and other mobile DSPs.


Long Bio


I am CEO and Founder of Socioboard Technologies, which I founded in 2014 as India’s first commercial open source product company. Globally Socioboard is the world’s first and only open source product in Digital media marketing space. Socioboard was selected by Nasscom as Emerging 50 companies of 2014. It was also a part of Nasscom Innotrek 2015 where 39 Indian companies went to San Francisco on a 2-week trek to visit various companies in the Valley.


Prior to Socioboard I was the CEO and C0-Founder of Globussoft Technologies (my first start-up which I started in 2009). Its a 250+ people company now, headquartered in Bhilai, India and offices in Bangalore, India. Globussoft is the largest software exporter from the state of Chhattisgarh for the past 5 consecutive years 2015,2016,2017,2018 and 2019 and continuing. Globussoft’s businesses are valued at $50 million USD today and we have revenues over $15 million per year. Globussoft builds products and solutions for digital marketing Industry.


Some Notable Points about Globussoft –


We created a USD 10 million revenue business in 10 years from a small C class Indian town which almost no one in India knows – Bhilai ( a small city in Chhattisgarh, a little known young state.) Imagine what we could have done had we been in Silicon Valley 🙂 I see entrepreneurs cribbing about infrastructure, amenities, lack of talent etc. But all we have to say is where there is a will, there is a way. Although today we have offices in Bangalore and US but the base is/was a small Indian town.

We hired a Russian guy, a Russian National as our CTO!! 🙂 , we are one of the ONLY FEW technology companies in India who went ahead and hired a Russian CTO to head the technology division of Globussoft, that too in Bhilai(our headquarters). Russians are known for their programming skills across the world and let me tell you he is a great guy you will love to meet him 🙂 And yes you got it right, a Russian National, Immigrated to India to work with us and lead our company from Bhilai. There is a long story behind this, I will narrate it in a blog post may be.


We are 100% bootstrapped and have NOT taken a single penny of funding. Not even a bank loan or any kind of loans for business. All of our products have been revenue positive from day 1 of launch, so we never needed any VC funding.


Our products are used by thousands of customers and our services touch millions of people online.
Here are some numbers –

Our digital marketing products are installed on at least 20,000 pcs and servers.

Our web services are consumed by 5 million+ people monthly.

Our marketing services which we do for our B2B clients touch at least 500 million user-base.

Our mailing services via the campaigns which we run for clients reach at least 20 million subscribers globally.

Our crawlers crawl petabytes of data, millions of pages daily.

Our Ad intelligence product PowerAdSpy  adds 1 million ads a day to its database, its a Google scale project with the ad-index db to grow to 50-100 billion digital ads in coming years.

Do these numbers excite you? Hell Yeah!


Here are some notable Globussoft products and business Units –




Poweradspy is the Google of Ads. Its a massive indexed database of over 100 million Ads ranging from Social Media Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit and Quora to Google Search, Google Display and over 16+ Native Ad networks like Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent etc.

PowerAdSpy provides solutions to Media Buyers, Advertisers, Ad agencies, etc. spy on their competitor’s Digital Ads and make better ads than them.




GramboardAi is a powerpacked Instagram Automation tool, which will help to reach targeted audience within no time without paying single dime on buying Instagram Ads. The easiest way to plan, track and amplify your Instagram marketing. It makes it simple to schedule and automate posts, likes, comments, follow and unfollow activity and manage all your accounts in one place. Which is every Instagram marketer’s dream software with the ability to maintain several Instagram Accounts – all on AUTOPILOT!




Mailgaze is a powerful database of emails which provides the best solution for media buyers, advertisers, ad agencies to spy on their marketing campaign. It delivers comprehensive content analytics directly to the dashboard giving the information to strengthen brand management and stay on top of the competition.




Socioleads delivers an exceptional service to engage and bring social leads for businesses to fill their funnel with one click. We have developed a framework that enables marketers to find, engage and qualify prospects through social media to increase revenues at scale. At Socioleads, we qualify social prospects within Facebook and Linkedin groups using a machine learning algorithm that looks for buying intent or search intent in posts and comments. Once the leads are approved by you, SocioleadsPro automatically engages with them automatically on Facebook and LinkedIn using a customizable workflow along which includes sending a message, a connection request and following them.


ReBrandOne (www.rebrandone.com)


A Globussoft Service which caters to Entrepreneurs who want to test proven ideas and business models in different markets. When a new concept comes online, gets funded or gets popular real fast, everyone wants to quickly clone it and test the same idea in other markets. Rebrandone wants to be that enabler. We want to enable entrepreneurs with ideas to quickly test an idea on a new market or compete with an existing company in a particular space in a specific market.

BotGuruz (www.botguruz.com) 


A Globussoft Product that helps you to extract data from the deep web. It has a collection of 350 web crawlers/scrapers that can parse important business data and give the output in SQL,CSV, excel and other data formats. Botguruz has several lead capturing and lead management tools for the B2B market.


In addition to Globussoft, I also co-founded some companies in 2012. I am still a partner and advisor in them –


SocialSignifier ( www.socialsignifier.com ) 


A Social Signals based Ranking service which is a partnership between Globussoft Technologies and Tactical Solutions LLC in US. Social Signifier has distributed millions of social signals to thousands of websites since its launch in 2012.




InstantBizReviews is an online review management service that helps businesses, big or small, improve their reputation through a trusted network of online reputation experts. InstantBizReviews has continually served clients in the United States while expanding the market in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Asia region.


To introduce myself, I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science Engineering from Bhilai Institute of Technology and was selected by TATA Consultancy Services, Asia’s Largest Software Exporter in Campus and joined TCS fresh out of college. Working with TCS had been fun and a great learning experience and I got chance to work with a bunch of Fortune 100 companies like Citi Group, Ferrari, Meryll Lynch and I even spent some time at National Stock Exchange of India as a trainee. Most of my projects were technology consulting which I provided as a part of Technology Excellence Group in TCS, Mumbai.


After about a year and a half with TCS, I got a job offer from Microsoft IDC (India Development Center) based out at Bangalore. It was a very lucrative offer with a handsome package and greater learning opportunities.


But destiny had something else in store for me. At the peak of my career and with a dream Job in Hand, I left TCS and turned down the offer from Microsoft to return back to Globussoft, to fulfill the greatest dream I cherished from my college days.


Globussoft my dream company which was ignited while I was still in 5th semester of my college was started as a group of 5 friends. We had no idea what we were doing, we just wanted to start something of our own and Globussoft was born. I booked the domain and created a bland site (by today’s standards) and voila we were in Business. And remember this was in 2005, back then there was no MakeinIndia, no Startupindia-Standupindia and starting up was not as cool as its today! I am talking about 2005 here!


During those days, we used to build software applications via online marketplaces like elance.com, freelancer.com etc as that was the only thing I knew. It gave me a lot of exposure about many things of the online world, how things work online and how to build a business and company online. And today I can proudly say, Globussoft is a 100% online company, I have never met a single client face to face (except until we became friends and partners in future businesses, that’s how I found Steve, Brian, Ilan and my other partners in other successful businesses which I run today.)


Around 2014, right as the time when I started building Socioboard, I pivoted Globussoft from an IT solutions company hopping from project to project to a PRODUCT company in digital marketing space. Cause after gaining all this experience I knew products is where the money is and today we have several successful products which bring us close to 2 million dollars in annual revenues. Our products are used by thousands of customers and some of our services touch millions of people online.

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